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Sometimes the darkest time is just before the dawn.

It’s a fact of life that at some point, often when you are feeling the most vulnerable, everything bad seems to happen at once.  One thing after another goes wrong, which just adds to the mounting pressure life already demands of you.

Not dealing with these current and historic anxieties correctly can lead to depression and emotional stress, which will most likely affect your health.  Hypnotherapy addresses all aspects of the individuals subconscious thinking, allowing you to process and alleviate any irrational perception of past events or current anxieties, ultimately helping you gain perspective to cope with the uncertainty of life.

Working with The Cirencester Hypnotherapy & Health Centre

Services Include:


You may have found this page because you are concerned about someone or you yourself are suffering.

Mad, frustrated and emotional.


In everyday life we go through moments or short periods when we feel down, dejected, frustrated or burdened.


Anxiety and stress is something all of us talk about and have experienced at some point in our lives.


The fact that you are reading this shows that you may be looking to free yourself from the unhealthy habit, like smoking for example?


You have arrived at this page because you have tried a number of diets or eating regimes which work for some but not you?

If it doesn’t open then it’s not your door.


Losing someone you love is very painful.  It hurts and makes every single day a challenge to deal with.  

Grief can just sneak up on you and become too overwhelming.

Helping people all over Wiltshire, Gloucestershire & Oxfordshire

"Such an extraordinary experience. Adam exudes positivity. We worked on various issues I have been battling with and I came away feeling empowered and better than I have done for years …"